Tapered Effect Implants Ф 4.8 mm- L 12mm (Wide Neck Ф 6.5 mm)



Straumann Tissue Level Compatible Tapered Effect Implants

Products Code for Order: 014100

Head Diameter: 6.5mm

Neck Height: 1.8mm

Surface: S-L-A 12mm

Outside diameter of implant thread: 4.8mm

Inside diameter of implant thread: 4.2mm

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Brand: Head Diameter: 6.5 mm
Neck Height: 1.8 mmLength: 12 mm
Material: TitaniumProducts Code for Order: 014100
Package: EO(Ethylene Oxide) SterilizedSurface: S-L-A (Sand-blasted, Large grit,? Acid-etched)

Tapered Effect implants   4.8 mm WN can be used for oral endosteal  implant indications in the maxilla and mandible, for functional and esthetic rehabilitation of  edentulous patients with a minimal ridge width of 8.5 mm and a minimal mesio-distal gap width between adjacent teeth of 8.5 mm. 

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Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium
Package:EO(Ethylene Oxide) Sterilized
Surface:S-L-A (Sand-blasted, Large grit, Acid-etched)
Length:12 mm
Head Diameter:1.8mm
Neck Height:6.5mm
Size No.J65/18/48/12