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Bioconcept Bone Level Tapered Surgical KIT



100% Straumann Compatible Bioconcept BC Bone Level Tapered Surgical KIT

Quantity:37 pcs, with Cassette

Products Code for Order: 156070

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Brand: 1597031685981601.jpgProducts Code for Order:  156070
Material: Stainless SteelPackage: Non Sterilized

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Content in the Kit:

No. P/N Description Quantity
1051010Round bur, Φ 1.4 mm1
2051020Round bur, Φ 2.3 mm1
3151010BLT Pilot Drill, short, Φ2.2mm, L 33mm1
4151020BLT Pilot Drill, long, Φ2.2mm, L 41mm1
5151030BLT Drill, short, Φ2.8mm, L 33mm1
6151040BLT Drill, long, Φ2.8mm, L 41mm1
7151050BLT Drill, short, Φ3.5mm, L 33mm1
8151060BLT Drill, long, Φ3.5mm, L 41mm1
9151070BLT Drill, short, Φ4.2mm, L 33mm1
10151080BLT Drill, long, Φ4.2mm, L 41mm1
11152010Alignment Pin, Φ2.2mm, L 27mm1
12152030Depth Gauge, Φ2.8mm, L 27mm1
13152040Depth Gauge, Φ3.5mm, L 27mm1
14152050Depth Gauge, Φ4.2mm, L 27mm1
15151090BLT Profile Drill, short, Φ3.3mm, L 25mm1
16151150BLT Tap, Φ3.3mm, L 25mm1
17151110BLT Profile Drill, short, Φ4.1mm, L 25mm1
18151160BLT Tap, Φ4.1mm, L 25mm1
19151130BLT Profile Drill, short, Φ4.8mm, L 25mm1
20151170BLT Tap, Φ4.8mm, L 25mm1
21054020SCS Screwdriver for ratchet, short, L 21mm1
22054030SCS Screwdriver for ratchet, long, L 27mm1
23054050SCS Screwdriver for handpiece, short, L 26mm1
24054060SCS Screwdriver for handpiece, long, L 32mm1
25055020Adapter for ratchet, short, L 18mm1
26055030Adapter for ratchet, long, L 28mm1
27055040Adapter for handpiece, extra short, L 19mm1
28055050Adapter for handpiece, short, L 26mm1
29055100Ratchet includes service instrument, L 84mm1
30055110Torque control device for ratchet, L 82mm1
31055120Service instrument for ratchet, L 50mm1
32053050Diagnostic T, L 65mm, width 33mm1
33056020Holding key, L 85mm1
34153070Drill Extender, L 25mm1
35153050Release Aid N for Mount, L 90mm1
36153060Release Aid R/W for Mount, L 90mm1
37156080Empty Surgical Cassette, without instruments, 230 x 160 x 62 mm1

Data sheet

Raw Material:Stainless Steel
Weight:200 g