Standard Implants Ф 3.3 mm- L 10mm (Regular Neck Ф 4.8 mm)



Head Diameter: 4.8mm

Neck Height: 2.8mm

Surface: S-L-A 10mm

Outside diameter of implant thread:3.3mm

Inside diameter of implant thread: 2.8mm

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Brand:   Products Code for Order: 013020
Head Diameter: 4.8 mmNeck Height: 2.8 mm
Length: 10 mmMaterial: Titanium
Package: EO(Ethylene Oxide) SterilizedSurface: S-L-A (Sand-blasted, Large grit,  Acid-etched)

Standard implants  Ф3.3 mm RN are an alternative in the case of a minimal  ridge width of  5.5 mm and a minimal mesio-distal gap width between adjacent teeth of 7 mm.  Due to their  lower mechanical strength,  compared to Ф4.1 mm implants, these implants should be used exclusively for the following indications:

Edentulous jaw:

4 implants S/SP  3.3 mm RN in conjunction with a bar construction

Edentulous jaw:

 In the case of fixed reconstruction,  combined with   4.1 mm implants and splinted with a superstructure    

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※Guarantee for “Bioconcept” Dental Implants

We guarantee that all our dental implants will be free replaced after implanting without any reason, whole life guarantee, based on the conditions as below,                   

1.Original implant packing and label is needed;             

2.A document "Customer Feedback Records" should be filled in.

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Raw Material:Titanium
Package:EO(Ethylene Oxide) Sterilized packing
Length:S-L-A 10mm
Head Diameter:4.8mm
Neck Height:2.8mm
Size No.B48/28/33/10