RC Meso Abutment Φ 8mm, Height 13.4mm



100% Straumann compatible RC Meso Abutment

Products Code for Order: 132050

Diameter: 8mm

Height: 13.4mm

Material: Titanium Alloy

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Brand: Products Code for Order: 132050
Material: Titanium AlloyPackage: Sterilized packing
Height :13.4mmDiameter: 8mm 

If the anatomic abutment does not fit for your individual demands or if you prefer gringding the muccosa margins yourselves, you can use the meso abutment. The processing of the meso abutment corresponds to the one of the anatomic abutment. 

In order to maintain proper stability of the abutment, a minimum height of 3mm above the mucosa margin of the abutment must be maintained.

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Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium Alloy
Package:Non Sterilized packing
Size No.BLRM9-12