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10pcs BV Osstem/Hiossen compatible Tapered Bone Level Transfer Abutments Pack



Osstem TSIII & Hiossen ETIII Compatible 10pcs BV Tapered Bone Level Transfer Abutments Pack

Products Code for Order: 331000v10

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NoP/NProduct Description
1331010Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm
2331020Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH2mm, H5.5mm
3331030Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH3mm, H5.5mm
4331040Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH4mm, H5.5mm
5331050Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH5mm, H5.5mm
6331510Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H7mm
7331520Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH2mm, H7mm
8331530Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH3mm, H7mm
9331540Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH4mm, H7mm
10331550Transfer abutment, MiniΦ4.5mm, GH5mm, H7mm
11331060Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm
12331070Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH2mm, H5.5mm
13331080Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH3mm, H5.5mm
14331090Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH4mm, H5.5mm
15331100Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH5mm, H5.5mm
16331110Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH1mm, H7mm
17331120Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH2mm, H7mm
18331130Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH3mm, H7mm
19331140Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH4mm, H7mm
20331150Transfer abutment, RegularΦ4.5mm, GH5mm, H7mm
21331160Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm
22331170Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH2mm, H5.5mm
23331180Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH3mm, H5.5mm
24331190Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH4mm, H5.5mm
25331200Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH5mm, H5.5mm
26331210Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH1mm, H7mm
27331220Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH2mm, H7mm
28331230Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH3mm, H7mm
29331240Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH4mm, H7mm
30331250Transfer abutment, RegularΦ5.0mm, GH5mm, H7mm
31331310Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm
32331320Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH2mm, H5.5mm
33331330Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH3mm, H5.5mm
34331340Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH4mm, H5.5mm
35331350Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH5mm, H5.5mm
36331360Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH1mm, H7mm
37331370Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH2mm, H7mm
38331380Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH3mm, H7mm
39331390Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH4mm, H7mm
40331400Transfer abutment, RegularΦ6.0mm, GH5mm, H7mm
41331410Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH1mm, H5.5mm
42331420Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH2mm, H5.5mm
43331430Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH3mm, H5.5mm
44331440Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH4mm, H5.5mm
45331450Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH5mm, H5.5mm
46331460Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH1mm, H7mm
47331470Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH2mm, H7mm
48331480Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH3mm, H7mm
49331490Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH4mm, H7mm
50331500Transfer abutment, RegularΦ7.0mm, GH5mm, H7mm

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Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium Alloy
Diameter:3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 7.0mm
Gingiva Height7mm, 8.5mm, 10mm, 11.5mm, 13mm, 15mm