Osstem TSIII & Hiossen ETIII compatible dental instrument NoMount Driver Length 26.6mm, Regular(355060)



Osstem TSIII System Compatible Dental implant instrument NoMount Driver

Products code for reference:355060

Length: 26.6mm

Diameter: Regular

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          355060 TSNMDRL TSNMDRL  
  Products Code for Order: 355060  Package: Sterilized
  Length: 26.6mm  Material: Titanium Alloy
  Diameter: Regular


1. To enable the simultaneous measurement of gingival height upon treatment, grooves and laser markings are indicated at 1mm intervals.
2. Stopper designed for the prevention of fracture of the holding part and occurrence of foreign matter such as blood stain during surgery.
3. The fracture strength : 260Ncm
4. If excessive implant torque is applied, fracture may be resulted in. If unnecessary large implant torque is expected, use a fixture driver. Also, imperfect installation may result in fracture at the strength under fracture strength, so perfect installation should be checked before use.
5. Special attention should be paid after occurrence of a fracture. Restoration is impossible.

***Download the Brochure of BV System(OsstemTSIII&Hiossen ETIII compatible)

Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium Alloy
Size No.Regular