Osstem TSIII & Hiossen ETIII compatible dental instrument Hex Torque Driver φ1.2mm, short(353030)



Osstem TSIII System Compatible Dental implant instrument Torque Driver

Products code for reference:353030

Diameter: 1.2mm

Type: Short

Connection: Hexagon

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          353030 TRHD12S TRHD12S 
  Products Code for Order: 353030  Package: Sterilized
  Diameter: 1.2mm  Material: Titanium Alloy
  Type: Short


1.Driver for torque wrench connection
2.No tip holding function
3.Fracture strength: 62Ncm
4.Recommended torque should be observed.
5.May bend or break if excessive torque is applied
6.When applying torque, check that the screw hex is completely installed.
7.Damage is possible even at low torque if not fully engaged.
8.When applying torque, apply vertically pressure (do not tilt)
9.If the tip is bent or stripped due replace immediately

***Download the Brochure of BV System(OsstemTSIII&Hiossen ETIII compatible)

Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium Alloy
Size No.Torque 1.2S