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Osstem TSIII & Hiossen ETIII compatible BV Mini Surgical KIT



100% Osstem TSIII & Hiossen ETIII compatible BV Mini Surgical KIT

Quantity:30 pcs, with Cassette

Products Code for Order: 357600

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Brand: 1597031685981601.jpgProducts Code for Order:  357600
Material: PlasticPackage: Non Sterilized

Download the Brochure of BV System(OsstemTSIII&Hiossen ETIII compatible)

Content in the Kit:

NoP/NProduct DescriptionMaterialQuantity
1351030Lance Drill - Guide DrillΦ 2.0mm, L 13mmSS1
2351140Twist drill-Stopper drillΦ 2.0mm, L 10mmSS1
3351710Taper drillΦ 3.5mm, L 8.5mmSS1
4351720Taper drillΦ 3.5mm, L 10mmSS1
5351730Taper drillΦ 3.5mm, L 11.5mmSS1
6351740Taper drillΦ 3.5mm, L 13mmSS1
7351760Taper drillΦ 4.0mm, L 7mmSS1
8351770Taper drillΦ 4.0mm, L 8.5mmSS1
9351780Taper drillΦ 4.0mm, L 10mmSS1
10351790Taper drillΦ 4.0mm, L 11.5mmSS1
11351800Taper drillΦ 4.0mm, L 13mmSS1
12351820Taper drillΦ 4.5mm, L 7mmSS1
13351830Taper drillΦ 4.5mm, L 8.5mmSS1
14351840Taper drillΦ 4.5mm, L 10mmSS1
15351850Taper drillΦ 4.5mm, L 11.5mmSS1
16351880Taper drillΦ 5.0mm, L 7mmSS1
17351890Taper drillΦ 5.0mm, L 8.5mmSS1
18351900Taper drillΦ 5.0mm, L 10mmSS1
19351910Taper drillΦ 5.0mm, L 11.5mmSS1
20351610Taper Cortical Drill, Φ 3.5mmSS1
21351620Taper Cortical Drill, Φ 4.0mmSS1
22351630Taper Cortical Drill, Φ 4.5mmSS1
23351640Taper Cortical Drill, Φ 5.0mmSS1
24352030Depth GaugeTA1
25353010Hand Driver1.2 Hex, ShortSS1
26354010Simple Mount Driver ShortSS1
27355030NoMount Torque Driver for BV ImplantsMiniSS1
28355040NoMount Torque Driver for BV ImplantsRegularSS1
29356010Ratchet WrenchSS1
30356110Cassette(Empty)230×160×62mmAluminium Alloy1

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Raw Material:Stainless Steel
Weight:200 g