Bioconcept Hexagon Mini Multi abutment φ4.8mm, Straight, gingival height 2mm(337020)



Osstem TSIII and Hiossen ETIII compatible Mini Multi abutment, straight

Products Code for Order: 337020

Connection:Hexagon, mini

Diameter: 4.8mm

Gingival Height:2.0mm

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337020 ETMTA502M
  Products Code for Order: 337020  Connction:Mini Hexagon
  Diameter: 4.8mm  Material: Titanium
  Gingival Height:2mm  Package: Sterilized

***Download the Brochure of BV System(OsstemTSIII&Hiossen ETIII compatible)


•Uses specialized outer driver (354050)
•Used for retainer repair of multi-tooth screw bridge, Especially suitable for complete dentless jaw screw fixation  
•Prostheses is fabriacted with aesthetic-low cylinders
•Recommended tightening torque: 30Ncm

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Data sheet

Raw Material:Titanium
Diameter:Mini 4.8mm
Gingiva Height2mm