Bioconcept BITEC China Tour For Global Partners-1

Bioconcept BITEC China Tour

Tour For Global Partners is coming 

Date: Apr.10~16, 2017

Let us introduce the visit partners first


 Dr.Stenin Roman, have 8 years work experience as dental technician, studied in Moscow Medical Academy named after I. M. Sechenov from 2003 to 2008. From 2009-2014, the chief physician, podiatrist in 'Masterdent' private hospital. 2014 opened his own clinic.


Dr.Tiomschenko Denis, studied operations in 4 countries, Experience implantation 10-11 years as a oral surgeon. 2000-2005 Volgograd state medical University Department of dentistry.2005-2006 internship at the Moscow state medical dental University, the Department of surgical dentistry. 2006-2007 dental clinic room 360, surgeon. 2014 opened his own clinic, also surgery.

Tour 1: Field study,Visit the factory


Tour 2: Academic acommunication

This trip, two Bioconcept BITEC partners to visit China for academic acommunication, in-depth first-line hospitals and clinics, with our doctors to share and explore a large number of academic problems and surgical cases, made a lot of valuable suggestions.