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10pcs BV Tapered Bone Level Healing Abutments Pack(320000v10)



100% Osstem&Hiossen Compatible bioconcept 10pcs BV Tapered Bone Level Healing Abutments Pack(320000v10)

Products Code for Order: 320000v10

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321010Cover screwMini, H 0.4mm
322010Cover screwRegular, H 0.4mm
323010Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.0mm,  H 3mm
323020Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.0mm,  H 4mm
323030Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.0mm,  H 5mm
323040Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.0mm,  H 7mm
323110Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.5mm,  H 3mm
323120Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.5mm,  H 4mm
323130Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.5mm,  H 5mm
323140Healing abutment, MiniΦ 4.5mm,  H 7mm
323310Healing abutment, MiniΦ 5.5mm,  H 3mm
323340Healing abutment, MiniΦ 5.5mm,  H 4mm
323320Healing abutment, MiniΦ 5.5mm,  H 5mm
323330Healing abutment, MiniΦ 5.5mm,  H 7mm
324010Healing abutment, RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 3mm
324020Healing abutment, RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 4mm
324030Healing abutment, RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 5mm
324040Healing abutment, RegularΦ 4.0mm,  H 7mm
324110Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.0mm,  H 3mm
324120Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.0mm,  H 4mm
324130Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.0mm,  H 5mm
324140Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.0mm,  H 7mm
324510Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.5mm,  H 3mm
324520Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.5mm,  H 4mm
324530Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.5mm,  H 5mm
324540Healing abutment, RegularΦ 5.5mm,  H 7mm
324210Healing abutment, RegularΦ 6.0mm,  H 3mm
324220Healing abutment, RegularΦ 6.0mm,  H 4mm
324230Healing abutment, RegularΦ 6.0mm,  H 5mm
324240Healing abutment, RegularΦ 6.0mm,  H 7mm
324310Healing abutment, RegularΦ 7.0mm,  H 3mm
324320Healing abutment, RegularΦ 7.0mm,  H 4mm
324330Healing abutment, RegularΦ 7.0mm,  H 5mm
324340Healing abutment, RegularΦ 7.0mm,  H 7mm

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Raw Material:Titanium Alloy